The MULTUS B200 intelligent multitasking machine has won the Japan Machine Tool Builders Association Award at the 38th Machine Design Awards, which are sponsored by the Nikkan Kogyo Business & Technology Daily News

Winning machine 
MULTUS B200 intelligent multitasking machine 

The MULTUS B200's standard specifications include Okuma's Thermo Friendly Concept for outstanding thermal stability and high accuracies even in regular factory environments, and Collision Avoidance System for reliable, collision-free machining. With the smallest footprint in its class (2,600 x 2,030 mm) and features including a PREX motor on the spindle, small multitasking turret, and a highly rigid diagonal rib structure bed, the MULTUS B200 achieves integrated processing of small precision parts with compactness, high accuracy, and high machining capacity.