Collision Avoidance System

Collision Avoidance System prevents collisions in automatic or manual mode, providing protection for the machine and confidence for the operator.

Your safeguard against costly human errors.

As machines become more complex, there’s more room for human error. However, our Collision Avoidance System (CAS) helps take some of these errors out of the equation by integrating 3D modeling of our machines, blanks, and tooling to create a virtual machine. When you run the real-time virtual application seconds ahead of the actual cutting, any problems can be detected early, and the machine can be stopped before a costly collision. While virtual modeling requires exacting dimensions and definitions, we can meet these stringent requirements since we manufacture the machine and custom-create the applications.

This Intelligent Technology allows you to:

  • Create a safeguard against operator or G-code error
  • Generate the actual and exact shape materials milliseconds ahead of a cut to ensure no interference takes place
  • Maximize machine utilization rates via shorter setup, trial cut, and less machine downtime
  • Enhance productivity with shorter trial cuts that allow machinists to concentrate on machining
  • Protect the operator in manual jogging mode
  • Run at full speed unless there’s a detected collision


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