The MULTUS U4000 is an Intelligent Multitasking Machine with an automatic tool changer and optional sub-spindle and lower turret. This 10 to 12-inch chuck class machine has a broad scope of machining functions and is the embodiment of power, speed, and process flexibility. With this machine, you can complete the work in one setup and with tools to spare in the ATC. The MULTUS U4000 has a 240° B-axis range with 12,000 rpm H1-milling spindle with dual function (L/M). The H1 dual function spindle head utilizes CAPTO C6 tooling and has a heavy duty 25kW (intermittent) milling motor spindle. The base offering has 40-tools available via the ATC with an option for 80 ,120,180 tools. The H1-turret has a 0.0001 degree B-axis which is provided by a traveling column-type Y axis feed, providing powerful Y axis machining over the range of 300mm. Both the left and right (optional) spindles are equipped with a full contouring C-axis, and the optional lower turret provides additional capability for increased throughput and process balance.


Max Work Length mm 1500, 2000
Max Turning Dia Φ mm Upper: 650, Lower: 320
Spindle Speed min-1 4200, 3000
Spindle Bore sizes mm 91, 112
Turret   HSK-A63 / Capto C6
ATC   40, 80, 120, 180
Milling Motor kW 25/19
Floor Space mm

1S: 5425-6175 x 2995

2S: 5425-6175 x 3052

Spec   Inteligent Multitasking (X, Y, Z, B, C) 
    Optional second spindle W Axis and Lower Turret




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