The MULTUS 550 has a broad scope of machining functions and is the embodiment of power, speed, and process flexibility. Complete the work in one set-up and with tools to spare in the ATC. The MULTUS B550 has a 240° B-axis range with 5,000 rpm H1-milling spindle with dual function (L/M). The standard H-1 dual function spindle head utilizes CAPTO C8 tooling and has a 50/30hp VAC milling motor spindle [opt. 10,000rpm]. The base offering has 40-tools available via the ATC [optional 80 & 160 tools]. The H1-turret has a 0.001 degree B-axis and traveling column Y-axis for machining flexibility.

Max Work Length mm  
Max Turning Dia Φ mm 830
Spindle Speed min-1 30 to 3,000
Spindle Bore Φ mm 112, 130
Turret   H1 ATC
ATC   40, 80, 160
Motor (VAC) kW VAC 37/30/22
Floor Space mm 8030 x 3258

T Turning only
M Multitasking specs (M-tool)
W Sub-spindle specs (W-axis)
MY Multitasking + Y-axis specs
MYW Multitasking + Y-axis + Sub-spindle specs (W-axis)

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