A new Okuma Multus U3000 1SW is the perfect addition to an already impressive machine tool lineup providing high tolerance, precision and productive machining applications for RUAG Australia.

“RUAG Australia and Okuma have a long history, so when we look to purchase new machine tools, we know we have a reliable partner.   To us, the Okuma brand means a strong, accurate and reliable machine tool with excellent service and support.  This gives us and our customers confidence that we will be able to deliver our complex Aerospace components now and into the future.” - Matthew Oakley, Product Realisation Manager, RUAG Australia.

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Committed to Research and Development – RUAG Australia.

RUAG Australia specialises in the manufacture of high precision and complex flight control, hydraulic and undercarriage components. Their comprehensive manufacturing capabilities are performed to the highest quality standards and supported by extensive engineering experience and modern infrastructure.

RUAG Australia offers complex, high tolerance machining down to 0.005mm and grinding clearances down to 0.0005mm or 1/100th of a human hair.


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