Welcome to our August edition of Okuma News!

The growth in Australian & NZ Manufacturing is clearly evident as our customers and Okuma continue to exceed expectations.

The past few months have witnessed solid increases in total unit orders and unit values as the Australian & New Zealand manufacturing industry continue to invest in more sophisticated CNC machines and robots. 

The increase in sales over the last 4 years have come from a broad range of existing customers and also a high percentage of new customers or start-up companies in all states.  There is a high level of confidence with new products being manufactured in this country along with a positive move away from reliance on overseas manufacturing towards the production of more products within Australia's capability.

Our parent company, Okuma Japan is experiencing significant growth in order intake as the world economy improves.  They are meeting these needs by large intakes of employees to meet demand and parallel investment in innovative design and manufacturing technologies. This investment in people and manufacturing will ensure the schedule of new release machines remains on track for all Okuma customers worldwide.

Okuma Australia has been proactive in the expansion of our service and supply departments resource levels.  We have expanded our support staff levels particularly in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.   Our recruitment process is very thorough to ensure we employee only the best and most qualified candidates possible.  We appreciate your patience as we continue our search for more field service engineers.

Supporting our overall operation are key members of Okuma’s P.I.P.E  (Partners In Productive Expertise) group, who are well-known and highly regarded suppliers of allied and accessory products and services.  All the PIPE partners can work with us to support our customers maximize the return on their Okuma investment and at the same time increase their competitiveness.  Please feel free to avail yourself of our combined knowledge and experience in order to assist your company’s growth.

I trust that you will enjoy this edition of our E-Newsletter and more importantly, enjoy the benefits of Okuma ownership.

Yours sincerely,

Dean McCarroll
Managing Director
Okuma Australia + New Zealand