Hi and welcome to our May 2020 Okuma Newsletter.

Well it has certainly been a very different landscape of late, both for business and private activities. COVID-19 has had very serious impacts for all concerned. As with all companies, our company has had to adapt to the climate and restrictions placed upon us by various means. During all of this we have managed well with the ability to attend to our customers’ spares and service needs and conducting several new machine installations. We most certainly appreciate our customers’ acceptance of the situation and support along the way. I equally wish to thank our staff for their continued commitment and flexibility towards our ongoing objective of representing the Okuma brand to the best of our abilities. 

Interestingly, our customers have all reported strong business during the recent months which is always encouraging to hear the Australia and New Zealand metal cutting manufacturing sectors being active. Despite the tough and unusual business climate we have been fortunate enough to be awarded several Okuma machine orders, actually slightly more than the same period last year. This is another strong sign of confidence in the sectors future.

As our market emerges from the current situation we feel there will be an increased commitment to consider more locally manufactured product from previously imported goods and to this end Okuma is always prepared to support this commitment with strong human resources of 37 Australian and New Zealand Okuma staff members, dedicated in-house repairs depth and solid stocks of Okuma machines available across all branches.

On a personnel note, Leigh Milvain who many customers would know well and who had been with our company for 27 years retired in April. Jenny Suttie who has been with our company in the Accounts department also retires in May after 15 years. We wish both Jenny and Leigh all the very best in their retirement years.

Shortly life will begin to take on the semblance of what we used to know and as this happens please feel free to call upon any of our members to assist you to move forward.

Stay safe.

Yours sincerely,

Dean McCarroll
Managing Director
Okuma Australia + New Zealand