Dr Ieki, President, Okuma Corporation Japan

Important Message from Okuma Corporation, Japan

Greetings from Dr Ieki, President, Okuma Japan.

Greetings from Japan.  As I write this message we find ourselves in very unusual times.  The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted virtually every corner of the world, and in doing so has affected families, businesses, supply chains, economies, and much more.  I, along with the entire global Okuma management team, are first and foremost concerned about the health and safety of all of our employees, customers and business partners, and encourage you to follow best practices for good health and wellbeing as we together navigate this global phenomenon.

From a business perspective, there are seemingly many challenges at the current time, I want to assure you:

  • Okuma has been in business for more than 120 years, meaning that we have survived and ultimately thrived after many challenges including global wars, great recessions and depressions, global viruses and more
  • Okuma has a high degree of in-house manufacturing which turns out now to being an advantage to be more independent from global supply chains
  • The Okuma factories are fully operational and the COVID-19 crisis currently has no remarkable impact on the ability to produce machines and supply spare parts
  • Rest assured that you can trust and depend on Okuma and its partners, no matter what the circumstances bring

I am confident that together we will weather this storm and be better prepared organizationally to serve our customers and each other in the months and years ahead.

Thank you all very much and stay healthy.
Dr Ieki
Okuma Corporation