Okuma Australia has a long term commitment to continue to build a talented, diverse and engaged workforce to not only develop our own business but also to assist our customers.

In recent newsletters we announced the employment of some new apprentices.  Seamus Toale, Okuma’s first (1st year) Apprentice in Victoria and Mitchell Norbis another 1st year Apprentice in New South Wales with plans of employing more.

“By investing in Apprentices, we are investing in the longevity and future of our business”, commented Dean McCarroll, Managing Director, Okuma Australia + New Zealand.

As we continue to investment in the development of our future technical team, we are pleased to announce Kaleb Elliott as our next Okuma Mechanical Trades Apprentice in Western Australia.

Kaleb is an ambitious and conscientious young man who has always enjoyed working with his hands and this passion led his desire to work in the Engineering field.  Kaleb joined the Perth team as a 1st year apprentice at the start of February and is being mentored and guided by our very experienced Service & Applications Engineers.  He will also be attending TAFE on a regular weekly basis.

”Kaleb came to us and was very keen to work for Okuma.  He has already shown great mechanical aptitude and our team of guys are enthusiastic to help this young man grow and develop”, said John Dale, Branch Manager.

Kaleb Elliott, Mechanical Trades Apprentice – WA