Okuma Australia + New Zealand recently rolled out a new video conferencing solution called ZOOM to every employee.

Zoom is a remote conferencing service using cloud computing.

The Melbourne Head Office Boardroom has been transformed to our very first ZOOM ROOM, with other branch offices following suit in the near future.

“We’ve already held some Zoom meetings with staff internally as well as meetings with Okuma Japan Engineers to discuss customer projects,” commented Dean McCarroll, Managing Director, Okuma Australia + New Zealand.

“Using Zoom, we are able to discuss complex projects with the advantage of video to show the physical parts plus 3D CAD drawings.  3D images can be displayed on the screen with features to zoom in or move the part around, you can also draw on the screen to add notes about the project,” said Leigh Milvain, National Technical Manager, Okuma Australia.

Dean McCarroll also commented, “Our Okuma customers will see the ongoing benefits, particularly for those in remote locations.  To be able to ZOOM with any branch, to discuss projects with our Sales and Applications Engineers or Zoom with our Service Engineers to assist in diagnosing any machine issues will be a significant benefit to our customers.”

We are excited to be realising the potential of ZOOM and see all the features of ZOOM transforming the way we do business.

We encourage all our customers to give ZOOM a try - ZOOM WITH US!