Machine Specifications:



Rigid spindle for fast, heavy-duty turning

  • 3-point bearing support for steady, powerful cutting 
    (double-row cylindrical roller bearings plus highspeed duplex angular contact ball bearings)
  • Housing cooled for minimal thermal deformation
  • Unique labyrinth construction keeps coolant from penetrating spindle bearings




Higher production efficiency with fast machine movement


Multitasking V12 turret gives rise to highly efficient machining

L (lathe) and M (milling) tools can be mounted in all stations

LB35Ⅲ (M), LB45Ⅲ (M) VDI specs - Quick change tooling system used
LB45Ⅲ (MY) radial tooling specs - Powerful milling with high power, high torque motor

Faster machine movement reduces non-cutting time

  • Fast turret rotation of 0.3 sec/1 index (LB35Ⅲ) 
    Rotation speed is also unaffected by unbalanced tooling 
    * LB45Ⅲ is 0.7 sec/1 index
  • Further reduction in non-cutting time with high-speed rapid 
    traverse of X axis: 15 m/min, Z axis: 20 m/min 
    Uses backlash-free, direct drive mechanism on X axis



Powerful clamping to match heavy-duty turning

  • Big coupling [LB35Ⅲ : ø354 (ø13.94), LB45Ⅲ : ø460 (ø18.11)] for powerful hydraulic clamping on turret
  • Large turret but minimal interference 
    [LB35Ⅲ : 570 mm (22.44 in.), LB45Ⅲ : 700 mm (27.56 in.)] across flats
  • NC turret with servo motor drive



Achieves steady machining with high dimensional stability

Machining dimensional change over time of ø17 μm (LB35Ⅲ actual data)

In addition to maintaining high dimensional accuracy when room temperature changes, Okuma's Thermo-Friendly Concept provides high dimensional accuracy during machine startup and machining restart.

To stabilize thermal deformation, warming-up time is shortened and the burden of dimensional correction during machining restart is reduced.


Wide-range of variations

Process-intensive machining with the Y axis 1-chuck machining even with complexshaped workpieces (LB45Ⅲ MY specs)

  • A wide range of milling based on highly precise, wide-ranging Y axis travel with a double slide system
  • Achieves process-intensive machining with 1-chucking



The best tailstock with built-in center for machining shafts

  • Highly-rigid built-in center (standard);
    Quill diameter LB35Ⅲ : ø120 mm, LB45Ⅲ : ø130 mm 
    Built-in tailstock MT. No. 5