OKUMA Australia and OKUMA New Zealand also offer selected manufacturers' products from around the world on a non-exclusive basis. Local suppliers who meet our stringent supply and product guarantee criteria are also recommended through the PIPE Alliance in Australia.

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Hydrafeed Barfeeders

Hydrafeed Barfeeders increase the automation of any CNC turning equipment.  These barfeeders can be fitted to entry level CNC turning equipment as well as multi-tasking turning centres.

LNS Barfeeders

With over 170,000 units installed worldwide, LNS bar feeders are universally recognised for their exceptional bar guiding technique Hydrobar®.

Bartec Barfeeders

Bartec Solutions is Australia’s foremost supplier of short and long automatic bar loaders, shaft loader and unloaders as well as multi-tube hydrodynamic feeders. Bartec products service the CNC Lathe market, as well as the conventional auto turning field.