OKUMA Australia and OKUMA New Zealand also offer selected manufacturers' products from around the world on a non-exclusive basis. Local suppliers who meet our stringent supply and product guarantee criteria are also recommended through the PIPE Alliance in Australia.

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Alpha SL65 S

The Alpha SL65 S is an entry-level alternative for spindle length bar stock feeding. The Alpha SL65 S is designed for simple applications, especially for standard production parts, and for medium and large production runs.

Move S2

The Move S2 provides an innovative answer to the difficult choice between the two usual bar working philosophies of either regular length bar stocks, or short bar stocks.

Quick Load Servo 80 S2

The Quick Load Servo 80 S2 is designed for automatic loading of short bars. The machine uses the proven concept of the Quick Load Servo III, and is especially adapted for working in standard applications.

Quick Load Servo III

The Quick Load Servo III is an automatic magazine bar feeder for spindle length bar stocks. The features of the Quick Load Servo III allow many operations in a record time. The user friendly interface simplifies all current operations.