Okuma Australia Pty. Limited and Okuma New Zealand Limited are both 100% owned subsidiaries of Okuma Corporation in Japan.


This part was produced for EMO '11 on
Okuma MU500 5-Axis Machining Centre

We aim at the Leading Edge of “full service” distribution and lifetime support for Okuma Machines, Fanuc EDM technology and computer numerically controlled (CNC) systems.

Okuma Australia and New Zealand’s expertise includes long standing and experienced engineers who deliver accurately and successfully against every customer’s requirement on time, every time.

Installed in Australia and New Zealand since the mid 1970’s, Okumas are amongst the longest serving machine tools installed that are still running today.

Okuma is famous for being “First to the market” with leading edge technology and productivity improvements:

  • In 1963 Okuma was first with the Absolute encoder for their legendary OSP NC control.
  • In 1973 Okuma was first to establish a representative office in Australia (Melbourne) until Okuma Australia Pty Ltd established in 2002.
  • In 1991 Okuma was first with the Built in Integral motor spindle on the LB15II lathe.
  • Okuma was first to introduce an on board Collision Avoidance System.
  • Okuma was first to establish an on board Cutting optimisation system, Mac Navi–i and Mac Navi–g.
  • Okuma was first to research, develop and apply full machine analysis for thermal deformation and compensation by using real time machining and complex algorithmic calculation.
  • Okuma’s firsts also extend to the product awards presented in Japan by the Society of Mechanical Engineers, Society of Die/Mold Technology, Presidents Awards from the Japan Machinery Federation, Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Machine Design and Business Technology Awards, Japan’s Monozukuri Awards and many more.
  • Okuma is first to research, develop and implement the PREX motor technology.

Our customers derive the financial gains delivered by longevity, long term reliability and machining performance that is the product of more than 100 years of experience in making machinery.EngineersMedal_award

Our relationships with our valuable suppliers, but in particular with Fanuc Corporation, are also based on mutual trust and fair dealing, a long time philosophy held by this Company, it's owners and it's predecessors.

We take TOTAL responsibility for:-

  • Engineering
  • Software
  • Controls
  • Motors 
  • Solutions
  • Service
      Produced on Okuma Macturn series

At Okuma our business and design process has been built on the philosophy of ‘Total Responsibility’. From the engineering of our machines to the development of the control and software, from manufacturing solutions to sales and service, you can trust Okuma as your manufacturing partner.

In Australia and New Zealand, Okuma specializes in:-


Produced on Okuma Multus B400  

Turnkey Manufacturing Cells, Multitasking or Multifunctional CNC Lathes, Vertical and Horizontal Machining Centres, CNC Internal and Cylindrical Production Grinders, Double Column Machining Centres, Compact 5 axis Machining Centres and EDM Wire Cut machines.

It's important to know where you stand with Okuma.



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